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Beth and I spent the day taking a road trip up to White River Junction, Vermont to a wonderful place called Vermont Salvage ( After all the time we've been talking about our great kitchen renovation plans, we're finally starting. We had an extremely successful day, which I can't resist sharing.

First, we found a wonderful storage cabinet (about 4' wide by 7' high), constructed by a local artisan from recycled boards. It's going to replace the slightly drunken reddish-brown shelves.

Vermont Salvage also imports furniture from India, and we found a 38" x 84" solid teak armoire like cabinet, which is going to serve as pantry shelves on the wall where the refrigerator is now located.

These should get delivered some time next week, I hope, at which time I'll get pictures. While not cheap, I think they were cheaper than buying an equivalent volume of new kitchen cabinets would be, and are much nicer pieces.

Some of you have heard me talk about thinking I would put a mirror over the relocated kitchen sink, since the wall where it will be located has no windows. I found my mirror today too. It's another Indian piece, consisting of a very ornate carved wood panel, with a pair of smaller centrally located doors, behind which is a mirror.

We may go back there for cabinets as well - they have some good deals on simple oak-front units. I need to make sure my contractor is willing to work with them first though. The items I've bought so far don't require him to do anything, so they're safe.

So now it's time to play shuffle the contents of the kitchen, so the new pieces can get delivered. The red-brown shelf is a one-to-one replacement, so that's easy. The other is not so simple. The space it's intended for is currently occupied by the refrigerator. The fridge can't move to where it will be located post-remodeling because the center island is in the way. So I think for the next couple of months it's going to sit in front of the window. Not pretty, but it's temporary. And it's cold enough now that we won't really care much about the breeze from the window being absent.


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