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So, I'm getting rid of my yahoo email. I just have too much email that shows up weirdly late, or not at all on lists, to trust it generally. If it were just yahoo groups, I'd blame them. But it's not. It's all kinds of lists. So I'm off to gmail instead.

I've not gotten most of my mailing lists moved to other addresses, and am down to the last few reminders I need to send out to individuals, and the commercial emails.

I tend to unsubscribe fairly readily to commercial email when I'm sure I don't want it, but there are a fair number of vendors whose stuff I sort of want to see, unless I'm exceptionally, busy, and a few whose stuff I definitely want to see. So tonight I've been working through those, trying to update them.

I say trying, because I'm astonished how many of them are committing a piece of mind-numbingly stupid marketing tactics. They have an easy "unsubscribe" list, but the link to update your email if you want to stay on the list is either well hidden, or simply non-existent. So, in practical terms, that means that as of tonight I'm falling off a bunch of email lists I was marginally interested in, because they've made it too much work to move to the new address. I'm willing to tell them what it is, but I'm not willing to make a special effort to go the web site and go through the process of filling out a profile and subscribing all over again. No thanks. I'm gone. I'll only do that for places where I'm a *very* dedicated customer.
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